Typical Austria


Every year more and more tourist came to visit Austria. But why they are so interested in Austria?

Japans would answer, because of the New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic and the famous “Sacher cake”.
 Ouer neighbor the Swiss love Austrian people because we are
hospitality and cordiality every time.
Reliability, punctuality and the Austrian order the Russians love us for that.

What are so special for Austria are our mountains in winter. I think this is the only sport where we really good in and because of this many countries envy us for that.
Keyword Mountains: Many tourists are saying that everybody wears a leader pant and a dirndl dress. In some parts of Tyrol and Blomberg and Salzburg they are wearing that but in the rest of Austria we wear jeans and t-shirts. Something what is includes with the lederhosen and dirndl is to the yodel. The yodel songs die more and more. I don’t know anyone how can yodel. Perhaps you can hear in in the mountains when you go hiking.

Austria is a country with a big history. Some famous Austrian history people are Sissi, the Hapsburg clan and Mozart. Unfortunately we also have got bad history facts: Hitler and the Black Death. The history with Hitler goes round the world. Maybe some of us had a grandfather or grandmother how grows up there and can remained what Hitler and his votaries did with many innocent and defenseless Jews.

Wiener schnitzel, Sacher torte and Mozartkugeln are the specialties from Austria. This is a most doing point, what every tourist should do and eat.

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Schoenbrunn Palace, Schoenbrunn Zoo, Vienna Hofburg, Ferris wheel, Belvedere, Albertina and many more attractions Austria has to offer. These are a must.

Finally, I would hope that I could show them how Austria is real and that more tourists came here. They should have a positive impression from my hometown.

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